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Sarah Jane Shiels is an Irish lighting and set designer


Sarah Jane began working in theatre as a member of Dublin Youth Theatre.  At the age of 14, she was put behind a manual lighting desk and a 6 way dimmer pack, and has never stopped looking up since.  She completed a BA in Drama and Theatre Studies from Trinity College Dublin, where she tried her hand at all types of design with varying degrees of success, became a director for a (very) brief month, and was re-affirmed in her belief that acting is not for her.  After graduating she applied for and was accepted into the Rough Magic SEEDS programme in 2006/2007.


She is freelance lighting designer, who passionately believes in collaboration from the very beginning of a project, and is so so lucky and privileged to be able to call her hobbie her job.


Sarah Jane is Co-artistic Director of WillFredd Theatre Company, with whom she designs set, costume and lighting, and tries her hand at photography and a bit of graphic design.


She is interested in a ever expanding list of subjects she doesn’t get time to pursue, theoretical physics and roller skating being among the latest.

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